Yale wins MHI Award – and can you help?



The Yale team would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone in the industry for helping us win this year’s MHI Community Broker & Lender of the Year Award!

We are incredibly grateful and humbled by the recognition and honor for a second year in a row. We look forward to more great things to come this year & to continue serving our clients as best we can!

Starting this Thursday, May 23rd – 27th, James will be volunteering for his third time in Haiti with the Hope for Haiti Healing organization and its founder, Mike Wnek. The first trip there was in Fall 2016, and the devastation and poverty was truly overwhelming. On the other hand the people are very thankful for the help and incredibly optimistic despite their poor conditions. There is a lot of opportunity and hope, and anything we can do to create jobs or send aid with any good organization is greatly appreciated.

The Organization geared up considerably after the the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 and then after the more recent hurricanes. Hope for Haiti Healing originally was focused on helping those displaced by the earthquake, especially the amputees created from the destruction. We are now partnering with a large non-profit school and sustainability center, Christianville. So our work and funds raised this time will be used to build a vocational school, housing for future larger church and volunteer groups, the repair and maintenance of the orphanage, and farming initiatives all at the Christianville mission.

I am personally throwing in my “two mites” and would appreciate any help you can contribute -James Cook

This is an organization that the Yale team has seen firsthand the good work it does. There are no salaries or administrative staff being paid, the money is all going directly to the efforts.

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