Realty Division

James Cook, our President of Brokerage and Company Founder, leads our award-winning Realty team.

As the first national firm with a dedicated agent in every region of the country, we are uniquely positioned to help both owners and investors in the MH and RV industry. We thrive on building close, lasting relationships with our clients and offering our expertise and excellence every step of the way.

Our skilled advisors are helpful and proactive, and our value-add consulting shows owners how to maximize a property’s value. Our meticulous and comprehensive underwriting process ensures accuracy in our valuations. Our proprietary database includes more than 1,200 pre-qualified MH and RV buyers so you aren’t wasting time with buyers that play games or can’t close.

Financing Division

Chris San Jose, our President of Lending, oversees and facilitates the placement of commercial real estate mortgages on investment grade, income-producing properties from $1M to $100M+, with a focus on Manufactured Housing Communities, RV Resorts, Self-Storage Facilities, and Multi-Family properties.

The Yale Capital division is now the fastest-growing financing firm that is focused on this niche. We arrange mortgages across all of the available financing channels, including local banks and credit unions, CMBS, life insurance companies, bridge lenders, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. We make it easy for clients to close a loan in 45-60 days, and we close 99% of the loans we handle. Thanks to our tried and true methods, we have a strong reputation and good credibility with banks that will lend to MH and RV properties, so we know exactly who to go to for every deal.

While the lending environment and financing options for the commercial real estate market are constantly evolving, our services are consistently reliable, thanks to our knowledgeable and efficient team. We patiently and expertly guide our clients through the process of finding the most competitive financing available.

Equity Division

Blake Perlman, our Director of Equity Sourcing, oversees and facilitates seamless partnerships between singular capital partners and proven operators in the MH and RV communities. Our equity placement team represents the operators, not the capital partner.

We work to bring multiple capital groups to the table, and we then negotiate competitive terms that will be most beneficial to the operator, based on their background and desired capital structure.

As part of Yale’s collaborative culture, members of our award-winning brokerage and financing teams are always accessible for free, quick consultations. This enables us to quickly determine the feasibility of an investment and discuss how to alter it for optimal terms and performance. Even in a fluctuating economy, equity funds have proven to be resilient, drawing tremendous attention from a variety of investment groups. Whether it is a multi-billion-dollar institutional fund or a local family office, we are confident that we can find an investment vehicle for any operator.




We Are Here to Help

As your trusted advisors with the only true nationwide team, exclusively catering to the MH and RV sectors, we are here to provide you with the right expertise in both brokerage and financing services. Whether you are ready to buy, sell or finance your property, contact us for a FREE detailed analysis and valuation today!