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Building Successful Partnerships

Blake Perlman, our Director of Equity Sourcing, oversees and creates partnerships between capital and proven MH and RV operators. Our equity placement team represents the operator. We work to bring multiple capital groups to the table, and we then negotiate terms most beneficial to the operator, based on their operating style and the investment vehicle.


This enables us to quickly determine the feasibility of investment and discuss how to alter it for optimal terms and performance. Even in a fluctuating economy, the manufactured housing and rv sector have proven to be resilient, drawing tremendous attention from a variety of investment groups. Whether it is a multi-billion-dollar institutional fund or a local family office, we are confident that we can find an investment vehicle for any operator.

Our primary business consists of operators looking to obtain committed capital to fuel a pipeline of future acquisitions programmatically. We take the time to thoroughly understand your operating profile, so we can analyze the different investment vehicles that our capital partners are deploying from. Once the right group has been identified, we work to make the integration of the two parties as seamless as possible while ensuring our operators receive equitable terms.

Whether you are tired of dealing with multiple limited partners or looking for a cheaper source of equity, we facilitate recapitalizations of any size. We can replace your existing partners at a competitive price, unlocking a world of benefits that come from working with a singular capital partner.

Operators who have successfully built and dispossessed their portfolio/fund are often looking to jump right back in since they have already demonstrated an ability to generate robust returns. We work with you to analyze your financials and prepare a perspective that accurately highlights your track record of success. We then shop it to a handful of selected institutional groups and find a singular partner prepared to allocate capital to your fund.

Development has been very scarce in this sector, there is a shortage of sites in both the MH and RV classes. As the affordable housing crisis continues to engulf most of the nation, municipalities are reversing their stance and are becoming more receptive to this source of affordable housing. Since most developers’ expertise is in construction and operations, we aim to source a capital partner that will give developers autonomy through construction and create programmatic partnerships. We work with a variety of investment groups and opportunity funds to help source a partner who is optimistic about MH and RV Development.

Why change sources of capital?

For years, this sector quietly generated some of the best returns compared to other asset classes. Now, operators are finding it difficult to identify opportunities that equate to what they have been able to do historically. Previous sources of capital may not be receptive to changing terms or have the money to compete in this new market. We aim to bring forward groups that understand this evolving marketplace while allowing you to operate with full autonomy. We seek out investors that can fulfill your capital needs while still relying on your years of expertise.

What are the benefits of partnering with an investment group as opposed to internal sources?

Most real estate investment groups have invested in a variety of asset classes with a wide array of operators. They are able to identify the best practices in real estate and can assist with implementing those practices to give you a competitive advantage.

Do capital partners supply the money for the entire capital stack?

While most capital partners will not serve as the direct lender, they can connect you with banks that would not otherwise lend in the space. Banks and other lending institutions are often willing to lend at lower rates and put forward better terms to operators working with an established investment group. The bank sees the investment group as a watchdog who will monitor both their investors capital and the banks diligently.

Why is a singular partner more desirable than multiple investment groups?

Compared to other real estate asset classes, the equity check for this sector is sizably smaller. Since most investment groups are deploying from bigger funds, the investment must be large enough to move the needle. Under these parameters, most deals only have the capacity for one partner. Working with a singular partner is beneficial because you only have to prepare financials and K1s for one party and you only having to seek approval for significant decisions from one party.


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“Your firm made a comprehensive and thorough analysis of my park’s income and expenses and provided a credible valuation, which was helpful in determining a fair value. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You are an honest, hard-working individual.”

Doris MHP Owner

“Your ability to see the potential in our business and accurately assess and represent its current value was vital in marketing us to potential real estate investors. Your business acumen helped us get the best value for our property…your professionalism throughout was highly impressive and appreciated.”

Mary and Klaus MHP Owners

“From our first meeting to the final transaction, you provided accurate financial advice and honest feedback from qualified buyers. Your brokerage skills combined with your industry knowledge and contacts created the exposure necessary to properly market our community. Most importantly, I believe your personal integrity made a real difference… I chose to work with you because I was confident in both your ability and honesty.. ”

William MHP Managing Partner



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