2016: $300 Million in Closed Lending or Sales and $100+ Million more pending

250-350 Site, All Age MHC
3 Star, 6.75% Cap Rate
Just Fell out of LOI, will sell quickly

Ft Lauderdale-Miami,Florida Region

overview-properties-1Rare opportunity to acquire a massive all-age MHC in the strongest housing and job market in FL. Connected to municipal utilities, 10 units to the acre, pool, clubhouse and basic amenities. Predominately single wide units from the 70’s and 80’s, older community, but very high demand.

Upside via lease-up, and huge expense efficiency opportunities, as well as a long term land play for one of the largest pieces of land assemblage in this region.

For more information return the NDA at the link below either electronically or physically:

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100-125 Site, All Age MHC
3 Star, 8.25% Cap Rate
Offers Pending

Lakeland-Sebring, Florida Region

overview-properties-2We are pleased to offer this family community in central FL. It serves a predominately agricultural community and is walking distance to a small town with shopping, restaurants, etc.

The property is 40% park owned homes, which we have modeled selling off and turning into a pure lot rent business. This should increase the cap rate from the 7%’s to the mid 8%’s quickly. Expenses on the park owned homes have been exacerbated by bringing in 30 new units over the last few years.

Upside via 20% lease-up potential.

For more information return the NDA at the link below either electronically or physically:

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Other Available Properties

225-275 Site, 55+ MHC

  • 3.5-4 Star, 5.25% Cap Rate
  • Southeast Florida Region
  • 40-50 Vacant Spaces to be Filled
  • 20% Below Market Rents

*Teaser and NDA available upon request

225-275 Site, 55+ MHC

  • 4 Star, 5% Cap Rate
  • Central Florida Region
  • Expansion land for another 130-150 Spaces
  • 10% Below Market Rents

*Teaser and NDA available upon request

Properties Under Contract

90-125 Site, All Age MHC
3.5-4 Star, 6% Cap Rate
Offering #156116613

Orlando-Lakeland, Florida Region

overview-properties-3Beautiful, stable MHC in Central FL. All resident owned homes, great passive investment.

Standard rent increases are possible, on WWTP and well water.

Park is lakefront and features homes from the 60’s to 2000’s.

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175-200 Site, 55+, RV Resort
3.5 Star, 7% Cap Rate
Offering #122616811

Avon Park-Sebring, Florida Region

overview-properties-4Lakefront RV resort in Central FL with quality park model section. The park has a high percentage of permanent units, and is connected to Muni water and serviced by a WWTP.

This property was well maintained and renovated, with plenty of rent increase potential, as well as possible growth in transient business.

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Confidential Properties Under Contract

$35-$45 Million Range

  • Midwest Region MHC
  • 500-700 Sites
  • 5 Star, 5% Cap Rate

$20-$30 Million Range

  • Florida RV Resort
  • 500-700 Sites
  • Highly Permanent
  • 4-5 Star, 4-5% Cap Rate

Properties Under LOI

250-300 Site, RV Resort
3.5 Star, 8% Cap Rate
Offering #220016223

Orlando-Ocala, Florida Region

overview-properties-5After reducing the price over $1m in the last month, we saw a lot of interest in this property. There were several offers on the property and owner did a best and final this week.

The property features 70% permanent units, most of which are park models. It is serviced by a WWTP and well. There is significant revenue growth potential possible by advertising the property and driving higher demand in season for the 80 transient spaces.

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Charitable Partners

Samaritans Purse

Yale Realty and Capital Advisors has made a charitable contribution to the Samaritans Purse in the wake of the tragic Hurricane Matthew that caused devastating life loss and significant damage to Haiti. We want to encourage our clients to donate to those that are less fortunate, specifically in this area.

Rating a 4 out of 4 by Charity Navigator https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=4423 . We were pleased to work with such a great partner in doing this amazing work.

Β https://www.samaritanspurse.org/Β 

MH Gives

MH Gives is a charity partnered with the non-profit Lifesong. 100% of the money donated goes to the recipients of the charity. It was founded by a wonderful couple in our industry, Ken and Katie Hauck of Hauck Homes in IL. This may be the only charity in the MH industry giving back from the industry we all have been so fortunate to prosper from.

This charity is primarily focused on economic sustainability, which will build jobs and industry that allows heads-of-household to provide for their family.


Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

We are planning on participating in a volunteer trip to Haiti with an amazing MH industry veteran Mike Wnek the below referenced. They have done extensive physical work in Haiti:


Other charity partners include:


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